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Al-Sultah wa Sana’at al-Wadh’ wa al-Tawil

This book is an analytical and practical description of Umayyad leader Mu’awiya ibn Abi Sufyan’s life. The most important aim of the Umayyads was to get to command of the Ummah and take over the Caliphate. Therefore, the subject of the book is to explain the techniques and strategies used by the Umayyads to take control of the government and political leadership of the Ummah and its role in giving legitimacy to their government.

This book consists of an introduction and the following four chapters:

Chapter 1: The Prophet’s curse on Mu’awiyah and justifications given by Umayyads.

Chapter 2: Mu’awiya’s reality according to Prophetic Ḥadith

Chapter 3: The Umayyad Approach; from fake Ḥadith to changing standards of the science of Jarḥ and T’adeel.

Chapter 4: Mu’awiyah and the rebel groups.

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