According to his highness, who are considered experts in the confirmation of the Aʿlamiyat of a Marjaʿ?

Experts in the interpretation of Aʿlamiyah, are those scholars and experts that possess awareness, knowledge and thematic outlook of the generalities of religious knowledge, therefore one whose knowledge is limited to a specific aspect of education, does not have the right to publish his opinions. Thus, it becomes clear that, an expert in the conventional sense of the term - that is Aʿlamiyah in jurisprudence, principals or both – is not eligible to comment on the Alamiyah of an individual based on the interpretation we expressed - the Aʿlamiyah that encompasses all religious knowledge and not only jurisprudence, obligations and prohibitions - as it was mentioned. Because they are not experts in the broad and comprehensive sense and based on a logical terminology their relationship to those with a comprehensive understanding of Islam is the relationship of a particular to General, if we do not claim that they these two have a disjunction.

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