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Al-Tarbiyah al-Ruḥiyya

This book starts with an introduction from the author. After a brief description of the characteristics of Imam Khomeini’s Forty Ḥadith, elementary issues have been discussing in four topics. The author then discusses the main topics of the book in two stages.

In the first stage, he talks about the stations of the soul or Nafs while in the next one, Junud ‘Aql wa Jahl (Intellectual and Ignorant Powers) have been discussed.

The first topic is based on a discourse on the importance of the science of ethics from the perspective of Quran and Ḥadith.

The second topic discusses in depth, the definitions of Ilm al-Akhlaq (science of ethics) by Ghazali and ʿAllama Tabatabaei, the types of Nafs in the Quran and Ḥadith and the relationship between ‘Ilm al-Akhlaq and practical mysticism.

The third topic is about the methods of perfecting human manners and ways of training (the Nafs).

In the fourth topic, the relationship between a man and the result of his acts in the hereafter has been discussed and the need of an infallible for the understanding of the hidden reality of acts and rites has been studied and discussed.

Following this, the main topics of the book start with a Ḥadith about Jihad al-Nafs and points out the reality of human Nafs, its effects and forces. Then, the distinction of intellect, its reality and benefits have been discussed in three topics.

After these, the stations of the Nafs have been discussed and the meaning of intellect, Nafs, soul and heart have been explained.

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