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سید کمال حیدری

From the Islam of Hadith to the Islam of Qur’an


Which one is principle: monogamy or polygamy


Is it permissible to hit women according to Quran?.


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What is Mr. Haydari's view on Islamic Medical science?

We do not have such a thing as Islamic Medical science but those things which have been proven by scientific experience are acceptable. ...

What is the religious ruling regarding trading binary options?

If transactions which are in accordance with religious rulings take place, there is no objection. ...

In your view what is the ruling regarding a woman riding a bike?

There is no objection provided that the hijab is not compromised and Islamic laws are adhered to. ...


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1067 words, approximate reading time 8 min One of the accepted facts by most of the Shia scholars is that if a verse of the Quran contradicts with definitive commands of intellect, it is correct to leave the literal ...

Date : 2020/02/06 More

2518 words, approximate reading time 19 min What acts are permissible in the month of Muharram? After proving from the Quran and narrations that the ...

Date : 2020/02/06 More

1014 words, approximate reading time 8 min 1. There is no doubt that men and women are different -be it from physical, spiritual, psychological as well as perceptional and epistemological aspects- from genetic and ...

Date : 2020/02/06 More