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سید کمال حیدری

Quran and the logic of absolute denial of others


The wrong culture of polygamy in Muslim societies


Are opponents of Shia, infidels?


The essential virtues of Imam Ali a.s


Is marriage of girls at their Sharʿi Bulūgh age correct?


How to face the new human achievements?


From the Islam of Hadith to the Islam of Qur’an


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What is the obligatory amount of the head that should be wiped?

The obligatory amount includes a part of the head which is from the Yafūkh (above the head) till the forehead and it is al-Iḥtiyat al-Mustahab that the length of the area wiped, amounts to the length of one finger and its width should be that of three closed ...

Is it permissible to touch the verses of Qur'an or the holy name of God, whether in Qur'an or other books? What is the ruling for touching the words of supplications in al-Sahifah al-Sajadiyah or Mafatih al-Jinan?

Touching the verses of Qur'an or the holy name of God in Qur'an, is not permissible without Ṭaharah. But there is no objection in touching those in any book other than Qur'an. Touching supplications also does not require Ṭaharah. ...

How is the Shar’i and correct Wuḍū performed?

It is obligatory to begin Wuḍū with the intention of proximity to the sublime God. Thereafter washing the face, lengthwise, from the beginning of the hairline till below the chin and across, equivalent to the amount of space between the thumb and middle finger when open, it is ...


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548 words; The approximate reading time 4 minutes One of the most important verses that refer to the high position of women in the Qurʾān is the fifth verse of Surah al-Ḍuḥa:

Date : 2020/19/08 More

839 words, approximate reading time 7 minutes 1. The issue of Lʻan is a Qurʾanic issue and there is no need to prove it further by Hadith. The scholars also prove it using the Qurʾanic arguments ...

Date : 2020/03/08 More

1067 words, approximate reading time 8 min One of the accepted facts by most of the Shia scholars is that if a verse of the Quran contradicts with definitive commands of intellect, it is correct to leave the literal ...

Date : 2020/02/06 More

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