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Al-Dilālah al-Qurāniyyah

Undoubtedly, argumentative discussion especially that of Quran- owing to the inclusion of outstanding details in the Quran- is one of the most complicated scientific and linguistic researches, therefore the discussion requires extreme accuracy.

This book, thus, tries to conduct an in-depth study of the Quran’s lexicography and explain and deduce its argumentative discourses keeping in view the Quran’s constancy and continuity as well as its authenticity, holism and authority for all places and times.

This valuable research consists of a few fundamental subjects and five chapters:

1. Argumentative discourses according to Ayatollah al-Haydari.

2. Morphological argumentation.

3. Syntactical argumentation.

4. Manifest lingual meanings

5. Linguistic context and its effects on argumentation.

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