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Ayat al-Kursī, Tafsīran wa Tawīlan

This book contains a series of discourses selected from the book “Mantiq Fahm al-Quran” to stress on reviewing the book’s theoretical and practical dimensions. The author has stressed and concentrated more on the practical and comparative dimension of the book which is quite evident in the Tafsīr and commentary of the Ayat al-Kursi.

The book tries to discuss the different comparative theoretical dimensions presented in Ayatollah Haydari’s Tafsīr and Tawīl theories and then explains the important comparative and practical dimensions in the process of Tafsīr and Tawīl. The method is a combination of Tafsīr and Tawīl methods in three dimensions (linguistic, phrase-based and topic based) to reach a final conclusion.

The contents of the book can be divided into four parts as follows:

  1. Tafsīr of the lexicography and words of the Ayat al-Kursi.
  2. Sequential Tafsīr of Ayat al-Kursi (Tafsīr of a set of verses without considering other verses)
  3. Thematic Tafsīr of Ayat al-Kursi
  4. Lexicographic and textual (sentence-wise and paragraph-wise) Tafsīr of Ayat al-Kursi

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