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Madkhal ila al-Nizām al-Mʿarifī li āliyat Fahm al-Quran

This book contains a set of discourses discussed by the author in order to review the theoretical and practical aspects of the book, “The logic of understanding Quran.”

The author has tried to explain the achievements and results of the book “Mantiq Fahm al-Quran” on the level of approaches and methods as well as theories, subjects and terminologies.

The book contains an introduction and 11 chapters, as follows:

  1. Fundamentals of Tafsīr with a new method.
  2. The relationship between the approaches used in the process of Tafsīr and the sublime Quranic goals that need to be realized.
  3. Explanation about the reality of Tawīl (esoteric commentary) of the Quran and its necessity in understanding the Quran.
  4. Methods of Tafsīr, its limitations, roles and applications in the process of Tafsīr and Tawīl (esoteric commentary)
  5. Method in the process of Tafsīr and its differences with approach.
  6. The selected method for reading the books of scholars.
  7. The selected method to criticize other’s views.
  8. Linguistic system of the Quran and how it is different from Arabic.
  9. Quranic Sciences with a new viewpoint.
  10. Quranic and Hadith principles for rules of Tafsīr and Tawīl.
  11. Other regulations for analyzing Quranic texts.

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