How is the Shar’i and correct Wuḍū performed?

It is obligatory to begin Wuḍū with the intention of proximity to the sublime God. Thereafter washing the face, lengthwise, from the beginning of the hairline till below the chin and across, equivalent to the amount of space between the thumb and middle finger when open, it is not obligatory to wash more than that except for reassurance. The mentioned sizes are according to a general and suitable hand size with the face and if one has small hands, they must wash their face according to the general hand size. Washing the face once is sufficient although it is recommended to wash it twice. Next pour water over the right hand, from just above the elbow washing downwards till around the fingers from all sides, then pour water over the left hand, from just above the elbow, washing downwards till around the fingers from all sides. Washing the hands once is also sufficient though it is recommended to wash them twice. Thereafter wipe a portion of the head with the wetness of the right hand, meaning from Yafūkh (above the head) till above the forehead, wiping with one finger is sufficient although wiping with three fingers is recommended. Next wipe over the feet from the beginning of the toes till the ankle joint and it is obligatory to include and protuberance on the feet as well as an obligatory precaution the right foot should be wiped before the left. The above-mentioned points are obligatory acts of Wuḍū however there are also Mustaḥabat and Makrūhat which have been mentioned in the al-Risalah al-ʿAmaliyah.

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